loading times and how to create content??

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1) the site is still insanely slow to load, and I'm on an ethernet connection on my college campus.
2) I'm running Firefox .8 on Mac OSX. I have also tried this site in Mozilla, IE, and Netscape. And I still can't find any way of making new blog entries of any sort!! The create content only allows for forum topics, images, and polls. How the HELL do we make new journal entries?? WTF???

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I double posted it.
But I can't delete the double comment.
Another problem with the site.
Plus, I can't vote on the poll.
And my signature can't use apostrophes.
The layout is cool, but I miss the old site.
Cause it worked.

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I'm with you on that one...

I have no clue how to work this damn thing either.
I'll figure it out sooner or later.
Cept I'm downloading songs now, so oasis is kinda slow...

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and I don’t know how.

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Right after the new site debu

Right after the new site debuted I thought that it loaded as slowly or more slowly than the old Oasis. But now it's much faster. Perhaps that's because I use Firefox 0.8 while connected to a University network.

I don't know how to explain the lack of blog entries that you experienced, but I clicked on the Create Content link and found a "personal journal entry", which is akin to the "blog" of yore.

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damn google

the site was slow because google was indexing us.

because there is a minimum of four ways to get on any page on the site, google was trying them all and eventually downloaded 200mb of pages from us in 2 hours.

i found out how to stop it from indexing most of the other methods of accessing the content, so the site *should* be faster from now on.

about the blogs .. i originally didnt give the permission to normal users to post blogs (the actual permission changed, so the old setting wasn't valid anymore).

a few hours later i converted all the blogs into journals , which is how it will be from now on.

hope that solves it =)

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Yeah, the blogs are up now.

Yeah, the blogs are up now.
They weren't before.
I swear!

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working great for me now...an

working great for me now...and much faster which is
definately a plus.

nice job & thanks for your hard work Adrian :-)

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private messages?

eh, I don't want to seem stupid, how do I get to my inbox now that there is no link to it? (or does that simply mean we do not have the ability to send private messages anymore?)

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very perceptive.

I noticed a small bug in private messages , so i have just disabled them until I get them fixed a bit later tonight =)

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oh, thanks ~*Kate*~Ban ignor

oh, thanks
Ban ignorance damn it!

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I find the site quite fast now. That's great!