marriage petition..grrrr

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my little rant for the day....

I happened to be the one to get the mail today. Among
the usual bills and junk mail, there was a mailing from
somegroup called the Oakland Citizens to Protect Marriage,
which is headed by one of our county commissioners, Tom McMillen.

***background: McMillen is obsessed with two things, gay
marriage and abortion. He's such a nut job even other
republican politicians have told him to cool it. ****

anyways...these people are trying to circulate petitions
to get a ban on gay marriage placed in the Michigan
constitution, and for some unknown reason, they thought
someone in my house would be interested in circulating
one of these petitions since apearantly "If we are
going to keep our society away from the destruction that so-called 'homosexual marriage' will give up, all of us
must do our part-right now"

I figured I would just send him a polite little note saying that while I regret that I can not help him make bigotry a state wide policy (which it already is actually), I will
more than happy to make a donation to whomever is running
against him in the fall.


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I know what you mean

I didn't get something from the
any politician (even though
as many of you know the one who
is pushing for the ban is my
state's senator Marilyn Musgrave)
but there's this one guy in
my classes and he brought me one
of those papers one day, saying
we need to "save the family".
Not only did he bring one to me,
he brought one to pretty much
all of his teachers. I couldn't
believe that and even his teachers
Of course, there's also the bigot
people who will vote against
worthy candidates because of
their stance on gay marriage.
The point that I'm trying to
make is that people need to get
their priorities straight and
stop acting like gay marriage
should have to do with politics.

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He's probably gay, and pregnant.

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"keep ur thorns,cuz m running away" -Mudvayne
all my efforts are in vain,why go through all the pain,there's nothin more to gain,