more yin required

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Ok, see what you have to understand is that there is two me's. First, there is the self that I have created for my friends. This person is not quite sure about her sexuality. To some, she is straight, to some bi, and to a few, a lesbian. This person likes to sometimes escape from her problems with alcohol and pot, but ussually only drinks enough to relax while still being the responsible one. This self likes heavy metal and alternative rock. She tends to be quiet and reflective unless she is with people she feels comfortable with. Then, there is my true self that only comes out when I am alone in my house. This person makes up lyrics to songs and sings them at the top of her lungs. This person likes to read by a fire through the night until dawn. This self like to walk through the graveyard down her street at five o'clock in the morning. This person is a lesbian through and through. She hates to drink and only likes to smoke pot occasionally. This person likes most types of music. This person loves everything that is Kathleen (one of my straight best friends). This person wishes that she could somehow attract more than just straight guys. An hour ago I got asked out by another guy. I don't want any fucking boyfriends g-d damnit. What I want is a girlfriend.