"Queer as Folk" - Have you seen any episodes/Feelings?

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About a year ago I managed to get hold of the entire season 1 (21 episodes) of the outstanding show called "Queer as Folk

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Although it plays into many gay and lesbian stereotypes, I find myself addicted to it. The episodes touch many important issues (such as ex-gay ministries, parental rights/adoption, etc). And I simply love Michael's mom.

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There's also the eye candy fa

There's also the eye candy factor :) The stereotypes are an issue, yet I still enjoy it.

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I am very alarmed that many gay people actually love this show. I saw many episodes of this show on tv, and what I saw was very shocking. NOt because of the sex scenes but the portrayal that gay men have nothing in their minds but SEX , SEX , SEX! No wonder many heterosexuals hate us because they think that what's shown in QAF are true. Many gay people fight so hard to have gay marriage legalize and be accepted in this world. But when you see this kind of show like QAF, our fight became futile. This show shouldn't be celebrated.

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just wanna react to your comment on queer as folk...some will say its such a pornographic specification of a gays life but...come to think of it, its true...i think of sex but not all the time that just means that we are exually into sex..and who the hell cares what heterosexuals think.. at least we dont get pregnant at an early age...right??? if you wanna talk about it just add my yahoo account

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Haven't seen it yet.

My local library has the first
season, and I would love to
just check it out and watch it,
but my parents are really
homophobic so, blah. Yet, if
Queer as Folk is really good,
does anyone know it that other
show, the L Word is any good?
I don't have the channel it
somes on, but once I move out
next year, I would be able to
watch the DVD collections.
Are there any other shows that
are good with gay/lesbian

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I hate television...

...but I'm as hooked on QaF as you are. I've only seen season 1 (borrowed a friend's DVD), tried to buy season 2 and was totally disgusted at the price ($110 at Best Buy). If anyone has season 2 and a DVD burner, please contact me. I will pay any costs involved, but I absolutely must have it! Help, my fellow Oasians!

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If you have kazaa, someone's

If you have kazaa, someone's posted all the episodes through season 4

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Queeeeeeeer... As Folk.


I love QAF! It's a great show, with interesting plotlines and likable characters. I love the explicitness of the show, it adds t othe reality. Also, I don't have any qualms with the stereotypes because I think they do a good job portraying them. Two thumbs WAY up!

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I love that show

I miss watching that. All I saw was the first season. My girlfriend and I rented it and watched it one night, I got hooked. Sometimes it makes me uncomfortable to watch shows that are about gays, even though it's my life, and I don't know why that is that it would make me uncomfortable, but I really liked the show. I have to get the second season. I can't wait to get up to season 4, I heard Michael has a baby, I must see what's been going on!!!

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Similar to several other people who commented, I was only able to watch the first (US version) season. The UK season is very...british? but i guess the UK version is more real. Alot of my freinds say I am the female version of justin when i crush, but when i play, I play like Brian. Anyway, yeah i cried my fucking eyes out when i watched the last episode of the first season. Heres a poem i wrote afterwards:
Tears for an Imaginary Stranger
My heart ached
The tears came
I whispered angrily,
No, no!No!Not that!
I didn’t want to believe
That anyone could be so horrid
My pride was hurt
Because of who I was
Because of who I am
That exlicit hate
Inflicted upon a stranger
That I felt so close to
A character in a television show
It seemed so silly, to cry over
Someone who didn’t exist
But that wasn’t the point
For the first time I felt
Like the blow to the head of that
Gay teen
Had struck me
And for the first time
I was angry
Like everyone else like me
Had the right to be
And it felt good
And I was proud
So I wiped away my tears,
Turned off my dvd player
And pinned ribbons on my jacket
And wore them
For Justin.

lv yas!
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I have been wanting to see th

I have been wanting to see this since I heard about it on here, but only recently have been able to - found a friend that has all three seasons and is completely addicted...now my girl and I are as well. And we're only half way through the first season!!! I can't wait to see what happens. (And yeah, I agree that the aspect of SEXSEXSEX isn't a positive one, but this show does touch on a lot of important topics.)

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i bought the first three seas

i bought the first three seasons on e-bay over the summer, and became so addicted to the show. Aside from it being ground-breaking, I find the plots really entertaining. Plus Melanie is so damn hot! Yeah certain characters over amplify the stereotypes of gay culture, and focus a lot on sex. But I can't think of one show that doesn't have its downfalls.

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Personally, I love it. I can

Personally, I love it. I can find a piece of me in every one of those guys. I've only seen Season 1, but of what I saw I was amazed. Of course, the whole Sex focus was a bit abrasive, yet I'm not complaining all that much. Plus, let's face it, with the amount of time they spend at the club what else do you think they have on their minds? It fits with the characters...

Anyways, the other issues they bring up do indeed help.

BTW- Angelique, I love your avatar. Do you know the artist?

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Secretly in love with Ted...

I've only watched season 1 to date. I haven't been watching it for realism...I watch it for entertainment value that I can relate to. Same with Sex In the City. That isn't reality to me, but it is entertainment. I've spent some time considering what others might think of this show, but unless someone is homophobic, they are simply going to turn it off if they don't like it. I know for some of my straight friends it is a guilty pleasure. They don't tell people they watch it, but they do, and just as religiously as they would watch Everybody Loves Raymond. If this show were trying to be a statement to the entire world I don't think I would enjoy watching it. I just don't think a politcally correct Queer as Folk would be AS fun...oh wait...is that a Will & Grace rerun?

Later, Jason

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Its an obesession of mine :D

I love this show!! Its on logo now which is so awesome because showtime only played it at like 3 am once the series finale premiered. I know its a lot of stereotypes but i like to think that this is the characters life it does not depict the whole gay community. Thats what I tell a lot of heteros. Some of whom I've gotten addicted to it too ;)

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I don't think heterosexuals watch Grey's Anatomy, Dynasty, or Melrose Place and debate why it doesn't represent their life accurately. Because they know it's a TV show. Since the gay community is more starved for images of our lives, everything ends up under the microscope more.

QAF is just a fun, gay soap opera. Look for messages and reality, and you're screwed (and not in a Brian Kinney way).


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say yes to QAF

Great fun show, love all the characters! Early Justin dealing with homophobes at his school is pretty inspiring. The drama of the show is good, plenty of straight boys in my class half admitted they watched it sometimes (meaning they probably didn't miss an episode hehe).