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by which I mean "until the dock is resurfaced"
and to the tune of seagulls protesting the din of spring's first motorboat
I wonder if it worked out for them in the end
or if KB walked on on her best friend and OD in the corner of the bar
suddenly I realize I'm no longer alone
a Spanish speaking mother and her children, feet upon the planks, words I don't understand
soon enough gone again, and I, alone, meditate on the meaning of all this
maybe OD just couldn't handle the pressure, started drinking
things just drifted after that, until one morning she woke up
alone again
and realized that it had ended a long time ago
she never did figure out exactly why

none of us knew how long forever was

(first draft, be gentle)


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Like It

I like it; I especially like the line "and realized that it had ended a long time ago; she never did figure out exactly why." That's so true from my observations. It flows which always is a wonderful thing. :)

"All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream."

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aw, shucks...

Hey, thanks. It's actually the first...well, the first anything I've written in a long time. Glad you liked it.

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