actions/behaviors that are harmful to the body

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would anyone like to help others and discuss SI, eating disorders or anything else that is harmful to the body? it would be appreciated since I do need a bit of advice... thatnks!

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SI? self-injury? seems like t

SI? self-injury? seems like that's more common than eating disorders these days. . . .of course, it seems like that, how many people are really gonna just roll up their sleeve for someone taking a survey? how many people are gonna amdit that they run to the bathroom so they can throw up after every meal? *sigh* sorry, rambling.
if you want anything more specific, i'll try.

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many of the people on this site are not out with their sexuality yet, but they discuss it with others or publish it in their journals. I kind of wanted it to be like that, but I understand if people do not want to discuss it.
Ban ignorance damn it!

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my closest female friend is bulimic. that's really really hard to deal with. i myself go the SI route. not that it's a route worth taking mind you. there are better, safer ways to deal with pain, anger, shame than inflicting physical pain.

it's about control. self-esteem. not talking to others. i thought i was the only one who could understand what i was going through. i thought that in the end, no one is ever there for you except yourself. i thought i was being strong and "dealing" with my emotions, but i wasn't. they were being locked away until they erupted in tears and blood. it was satisfying, but emotionally painful. i love my body, but i hurt it like this?

i'm in a better place now. i'd say i've gotten professional help, but i haven't. i haven't cut in three years, mainly because it doesn't help anymore and i don't want to go back to that place. i should get outside help, but i don't feel like i need it...yet. (i'm all about desperation and last-minute decisions *wink*...and badly timed jokes)

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(i'm back again!)
for me, cutting gives a few blissful moments of calm and quiet. . .and then, i lok down and i'm dripping blood from wherever and oops, now i'm back in reality, damn, i don't wanna be here. . . .
and then the people who care, the people wo want to understand, look at me funny when i scratch at a scab under layers of cloth, look at me funny if they happen to glimpse a scar, or maybe i'm paranoid?
it's no that i want pain. it's more, i need some way to control my life. things are so screwed up. i need that control, i need to feel like i have some say in SOMETHING. . . .this way, i do, and i don't have to burden anyone else with my issues by talking to them

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