An Extended Time Away

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It's a depressing thought that only devoted veterans of Oasis will even recognize the name "stars and nothing." It's me, Emily, your old friend!

I feel like an outsider here now. Creepy, isn't it? Like visiting your old hometown to see it overrun with strange faces. Not that I don't welcome new people- in fact, Niks and ACCGirl and I used to be sort of an Oasis welcome wagon. Whenever a new kid came in, we'd comment on their first post and say how glad we were, etc. I used to post like everyday... check out some of my old journal entries. I used to be cool, I swear.

Well, how are the new people finding Oasis? A good place to run to? It's so therapeutic, isn't it? Sharing your experiences with other scared and confused and angry people. Or accepting and caring and welcoming people. I hope you all find it as helpful as I did when I first came here. The reason I stopped coming here and posting, I guess, is that I really didn't need it so much anymore. I'm more comfortable with myself now, and it's easier to talk about it with friends in person than on the computer. Oasis is a really important transition phase, between admitting your sexuality to yourself and coming out completely.

Well, if anyone doesn't mind, I'd be interested to learn the ropes of Oasis again now that school's out; sort of get a feel for who the main characters are, the good writers, the frequent flyers, so to speak. If some nwe kid's stepped in and filled my shoes as the resident princess of Oasis, I'd be interested in talking to you. Feel free to email me, IM me, or leave comments. I bet you guys are all cool and I'll be making the rounds, reading your journals and stuff. It feels good to be back! Hi Adrian!

In other news, down with Bush. Gina Young rocks.

love Emily


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Down with Bush- that says it all. Welcome wagon? Ha ha ha. It's true though. So how ya doing?

"All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream."

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Hey i don think i ever really introduced myself to yOU (Nat here) but hey!! i now exactly how you feel on how oasis seems different ....but anyways just saying a quick hello!!!!!

"I Love everyone, being left out sucks ...thats for all the people who feel unloved know that if I come to meet you one day id probably love you to death!"

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"resident princess of Oasis", you said it!!! and you are!! (were) seriously, i missed your writing a lot, i was wondering where you'd got to, i always found it so beautiful. i hope you write lots and lots more stuff!! hehe ive neglected oasis too, i'll get back to it soon, i swear...

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I remember you.. :)

. Hmm... Its been a while, good to see.. erm, read from you again. And i do agree down with Bush, lets get some real democracy happening.. down with his proposed Amendment too. please. ^^

. I guess i don't post as much for the same reason as you. However I was quite comftorble before coming here. -Every one on Oasis is so supportive of one in good and bad, thats why i like it so much.

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Welcome back!

Let's hear it for all us old geezers! Good to have you back!

still here, still queer -

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re: Down with Bush!!!

Welcome back!

I've been on and off Oasis for a couple years, but I am so glad that it is here. It is an incredibly wonderful place to be able to express myself and hear from others.

Peace and Love, vel

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oh the old and wise do return

i hardly eva write here anymore either..and even i havent been here a humongo long time! but nice to hear from u babe