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Free. I'm finally free. I'm out to everyone. No more secret life.

I wrote a letter to my dad the day after I last saw Sari. That was well over a month ago. Of course, I didn't have the nerve to send it. So it sat on my desk until about a week ago. I dropped it in the mailbox, and tried not to think about how my homophobic father would react.

He met her once. Actually, she bought us both tickets to fly out and see him last September. He loved her. He claimed her as his second daughter. I was so afraid that he would disown her like her parents did to me.

Well, I got a call from him. I almost cried because of what he said. "I knew. I may not be the most observant person in the world, but I could tell that you loved that girl. And that she loved you." I asked him if he was ok with all of this, and he gave the best answer he possibly could have. "She makes you happy, and that's all I've ever wanted for you. You've found yourself a wonderful girl. Don't let her get away just because of all that's happening. You'll be together before you know it."

So now everyone knows, and I can finally be myself. Such a great feeling.


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Wow, talk about support. :)

"All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream."