How many of you knew that Massachusetts began issuing same-sex marriage licenses today?

Yup, and I'm lined up at city hall to make the old ball and chain an honest man/woman!
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Yeah, and I'm cheering at the idea!
100% (1 vote)
Whaaaaa? Marriage? Ewwww...
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What the hell? Did I miss the Big Gay Memo?
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Mawwage... mawwage is what bwings us togedder, todawy... (Princess Bride)
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That's so hetero. So I don't care.
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Glued to Faux News Channel, waiting for them to implode because the world is ending...
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Total votes: 1


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We don't understand the natur

We don't understand the nature of the threat to our freedom and future if we don't aggressively fight terrorism.
To minimize what has been building for 50 years or more is a failure of free speech journalism and will surely result in loss of public support for the war on terror, future attacks and loss of life. Reasoning with terror is impossible and conceding unthinkable.
They must be killed or incarcerated in order to protect our future. We will never win this generations terrorists "hearts and Minds". Period, maybe the next generation will come around if we do this right.
We shouldn't fight like girl-friends, these people are trying to kill us. We are being stupid to think that niceness will win this fight.
America must Wake Up before the next 911 forces us to support this effort. We will come around when we are hurting enough. Pain does that !
The war in Iraq has provided a unique opportunity, all the terrorist have flooded into the country to attack us, what better chance to find them without invading every country on earth ? They have come to meet us on Iraq's soil instead of our own. And we call it "bad planning". I call it a fortunate miscalculation, now let's get as many as we can while they're still at the party.
Phoenix Az

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erm... I think you have the wrong poll :)

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I agree.

Sometimes the stupidity of the government makes me sick. People do not just BECOME our friends when they hate us. Politics do NOT work like high-school.

  • Maria: Oh, Asuka, you got a massager!
  • Asuka: That's not a massager...
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Gay Marriage will revolutioni

Gay Marriage will revolutionize the world as we see it today. We have faught for ages and its about time we deserve equal rights and maybe hopefully it will change men all together. Hopefully my hypothese might be correct. Or maybe its becuase we are men with sexual drives that has desires to mate every thing in the spot. No offence but its true.