its been a while

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i wish i could just tell my parents i was gay. only im not gay, im bisexual and even though thats something ive understood for a very long time, and its something almost everyone i know (and some i dont) are aware of, i just cant bring myself to tell my parents. my mother. who would parade me around as the perfect product, a symbol of her feminazi crap-or send me off to a shrink, deciding i was too young to ever know. it would be easier for me if i was gay,if it was something absolute, because then it wouldnt just be construed as confusion. as promiscuity. the funny thing about that is, my sexuality is the only absolute truth in my life. i know, that i am capable of love. that men
and women are beautiful in their own unique way. but i would feel like a complete wanker saying that to my parents. i suppose if the world was as it should be, no one would ever assume their child was straight, or gay, or
anything at all. but how do i tell my parents that?