Peed on my leg oh boy......

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hello my beloved oasis!

so yes i did pee on my leg in my quick effort to pee outside w/o being seen earlier..but when i did a jeep full of people drove by i sort of got caught short and then stopped when they were gone i went backto my bussiness bt i still cant pee straight! its so tough
for us girls.... in fact everything is tough ....

like my mom bEING A TOTAL PSYCHOPATH WITH ME AND ME NOT HAVING ANY LOVE LIFE OR ANTYIHNG WHAT SO EVER....sighs* so yeah ,,,, i dont know what else to write....except the person i like lives in pittsburgh and so i have the strong desore to just randomly drive there...and walk aimlessly around....hahahhahha..oh yes im sad a very sad and hopelss girl somewhat in not love...crushing hard..very hard....



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Reminds me of this Friends episode...ok so I relate too many things to movies, books, or Friends. Crushes suck. Isn't that profound? :(

"All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream."