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Last night closed the run of the annual Queer Fashion Show at UC Santa Cruz. It was an awesome cast of 164 people.

I myself was in two pieces, "Diva Kings" a drag king piece with finger snapping and diva attitude to point out the fluidity of gender and sexual orientation. For instance, the song which we used, "Ain't Too Proud to Beg," is sung by a man to (presumably) a woman. However, the song is saying he isn't afraid to take on "feminine qualities" of crying and begging to stay with the person he loves. Already, there is fluidity of characterstics.

Then there is the question of the voice in the song. Is he singing for only men to women? Or is he singing a sentiment that has no boundaries?

My second piece was called, "The Taming of the Gay." It was the closing number of the show about two lesbians that wish to marry, but can't until one girl's older brother marries. Unfortunately, he is gay and their father's rule is no marriage until he finds a female suitor.

My part was to be part of a harem for the boy. After he rejects us, a team of gaygents comes in to arrest him. However, one of them is really the super hero, Supergay. He brings in his gay team and has a dance off, rescues the boy, and they marry. Then, so do the girls.

It's an awesome dance piece with amazing choreography. I had a lot of fun.

There was also a very controversial piece about the sexuality of priests. It's point was to show everyone has a sexuality, and it is something we cannot deny about ourselves.

Oh, and there was a girl masturbating on an alter.

There was also an after party. There is nothing better than 164 people under the queer umbrella, their friends, their lovers, and enough booze for all.