Saturday, May 8th, 1986

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That's right. This saturday. You know what that means? Well, I do. I turn 18 on that day. I am not thrilled. Sure, being 18 will be amusing. I will finally get my lip pierced. But birthday wise, it's not going to be fun. I will be home with my brother most likely. Whatever. Doesn't matter. I give up on them.

I have a play to make shirts, posters, and tickets for. I have five pottery projects to have made fired and glazed, two graphics projects and a marriage project all to be done in 14 days. All before I graduate. Good times good times.

Well, that's really it. I s'pose. I have no love life what so ever. And I have to find someone to come with my mom, Lynn, and I to a Melissa Etheridge concert on the 20th of June. Wonderful.

Oh and I was accepted to Fitchburg State, Worcester State, and the Mass College of Liberal Arts. Don't know where I am gonna go.

Catcha guys later!