should i or shouldn't i?

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should i or shouldn't i? i ask myself that just about any time i get the courage up to try to tell some one.
so far i never have(told any one that is.) i just turned fifteen and with the passing of my brthday i've been trying to work up the
courage to tell some one, anyone, that i'm bi. there just never seems to be the right moment or the right
person with which to share this life-altering revelation with. it's been hell dealing with this all by myself
so i hope that come saturday, i'll finally tell my 2 best friends. it'll be hard, but it's worse not having
anyone to talk to. anyway, i could go on and on, but i'll do that the next time i'm here. i'm getting bored with myself


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go for it

I first told people when I was 15. From the beginning of the year it felt like it was going to happen, but I was incredibly scared. Now I'm 18 and looking back at writings of mine from when I was afraid to tell and then when I questioned my actions when I actually told, I am so glad that I did it. I am so glad to be 18 and to be in a different position than I was when I was 15. Sure I'm still not out to the entire world, but like you said, I have people to talk to. And the more people you tell the easier it gets to tell others, although there is always that exhilaration and uncertainty. Just be ready for some rollercoaster emotions, but know that when I look back on my starting to come out when I was 15, I am eternally glad that I did it.
Best of luck. And please tell us more about it.