The greatest band you've never heard of

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October Project has been around since '93, but if you've heard of them at all, it's probably for their song Return To Me, which was featured in a documentary about rescue workers at the World Trade Center. My uncle turned me on to them after their first album, when I was thirteen, and that was all I ever heard until I started working at KUMM, when I discovered, to my delight, that they've got like five albums, including a brand spankin' new one that came out in April. I have since downloaded half their catalogue, and it's been a beatiful experience, re-encountering this music that meant so much to me as a younger man. As of tonight, I have their entire collection on back order at my record store. Their style defies categorization; it's not rock, it's not folk, it's not electronica, it's October Project. Go now. Download one song, and come back here and tell me how right I am.



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October / November / October Project

Hey, they took the old name back! I'm glad to see that they decided to become October Project again. I bought their first two albums when I was in college, and saw the original lineup perform in Boston once. It was very nice, very polished. I haven't heard the new vocalist yet.

Thanks for pointing this out! I didn't realize they had regrouped.

- Jeremy / antinous

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sooo jealous

I live in the midwest, so I'll probably never get the chance to see them. I'm green with envy.

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They remind me of Gorillaz in that they have a style that's eclectic but still manages to be cohesive.

The band that I've been getting into - even if I'm a little late for them - is the Dandy Warhols. Is anyone here into them, even if they're probably a bit out of fashion?