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last weekend was one of the scariest weekends i have ever had. on friday night, one of my best friends could have died in my arms. we were on the way to a concert with 2 liters of vodka between the 6 of us. it was really only 5 people drinking though because i almost always remain sober. Kathal drank about 3/4 of a liter. she started off just extremely drunk, but she soon became progressively worse. When we got to the place the concert was at, she was no longer even sober enough to get in. i stayed outside with her. she does not remember, but she brought up some things that she Never Ever talks about. one of the topics she brushed upon was my being "bi". she had never talked about this before since i came out to her so it was weird. she was also very hands on. she hugged me like 7 bizillion times and also gave me, or at least made an attempt at giving me a hickey on my arm. back to my story though. well my friends got kicked out of the venue about twenty minutes later. they were freaking out and saying something about cops, so we moved about 100 feet down the road. then, 2 of my friends went off somewhere, and eventually the other two left as well. i was now alone with kathal still not sure how bad she was. i was trying to get her to throw up, and she eventually did. she could no longer stand on her own though, and i made an attempt at moving her myself. i was unsuccessful. i was finally able to convince some random guy to help me move her out from above her own vomit. so she is now laying on her side in the middle of the sidewalk. i am alone and a crowd begins to form surrounding us. fianlly, a guy asks if he should dial 911 and i say yes. the fire truck and eventually the ambulance shows up. i tell them what they want to know, which is her name, age, how much she drank, and if she took anything else. by the time they had arrived, kathal was propped up by my body and we were both sitting in her vomit. i was keeping her awake. the ambulance people would not let me go to the hospital though because i am a minor. i was however somehow able to think clearly enough to ask which hospital she was going to. i then wandered around extremely upset for about 15-20 minutes looking for my friends. i was able to find treacy and john. we then walked all the way to the hospital taking the most roundabout way possible due to the fucked up directions of many different people. when we arrived, we gave the hospital kathal's information, because before we had arrived she was 'kathleen doe'. john eventually had to leave so that his parents didnt know that kathal was in the hospital, but me and treacy would not leave kathal until her parents got there. we were eventually ably to see her at around 9:40 PM. we were there until 12:30 AM when my dad came and picked us up. she had a BAC of .293 which some people have been known to go into a coma at. if she had drank more, she could have died.

that is not even the point of this story, though. the point is that the following day i filled my mom in on what happened and she asked me a very random question. she asked me if there was anything going on sexually between me and kathal. i was like OMG. she knew. she told me she had never seen me such a wreck. it was so awesome and amazing. well there we go there is finally proof that my mom would accept me as a lesbian. yay.


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omg, thats scary. Im glad sh

omg, thats scary. Im glad shes ok now though.
and yay for your mom being so accepting, thats awesome.

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Wow... some people's lives... mine never gets that scary... just boring. like... wasting away in front of the internet or in a school desk. *yawns.*

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