feeling uncool

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I've been out of work for nearly three months, and I don't feel any closer to finding a job. I've moved from the 'burbs into the city, staying with some old friends from school, hoping that makes the search easier. Couldn't make it any damn worse.

It's become a serious self-esteem issue. Like, what the hell is wrong with me that no one wants to give me a job? I try to take it in stride, and my new roommates are great, nothing but positive reinforcement. But goddammit, it's hard to feel okay about life when life is not okay.


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I admit that, being a few years younger than you, I can't really relate to the permanent job search. But, I have been looking for a job this summer (since end of Feb., actually), and I've had very little luck. Don't they read my resume?!?! Really strong student, an obvious hard worker, but they don't bite. They'd rather keep their incompetent, lazy sales clerks on the floor. Employers can drive you crazy...

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same thing here

i have the same problem... not enough experience, too young, etc etc. or they just completely ignore me. i'm a strong student too, but no luck. maybe they just pick the pretty people. that would be sure to write me off.