Pride weekend is coming!

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This weekend, and I'm gonna be there! I've never been, I'm really excited about it! So I'm going to end every sentance of this post with an exclamation point! Anyone else from the Twin Cities going this year?! I'm going by myself (at least so far), so if anyone wants to hang out, that'd fuckin' rule! We could be a party within a party, have Oasis Pride! Okay, I'm gonna go back to surfin' the website and thinking about how much fun I'm gonna have this weekend! Love and peaches!



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Pride Week's happening in my city, too! (i.e. Toronto) I don't think I'm going to go to the parade, since it's too much of a spectacle and I wouldn't know what to do (other than look at the hard bodies...). The day before, there's a band playing, as part of Pride week, that I want to see. I didn't know they had a gay member... or maybe they're just playing the gig, I dunno. Either way, a guy from another Toronto band I like said they're really good, so this way I can check them out for free AND do something at Pride Week!

I also have nobody to go with. ~sigh. How do you ask one of your friends "Hey, wanna go see a live outdoor show with me?" "Yeah! Where?" "Um, Church street stage... during Pride weekend..." (Church street runs right through the 'gay village') Yeah, OK... Well, whatever. I'll have fun, and I'll buy the band's new EP!

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fun fun fun in the sun sun sun

Yeah, I don't know if I'll go to the parade either. I think it'd be kind of fun, but friends of mine who've been in years past tell me getting there and finding a place to watch is murder. And like you said, what the hell would I actually do? Other than the obvious boy-watching, and I can do that just as well at the festival. I'm toying with the idea of calling and trying to volunteer for god-knows-what, just because that sounds interesting, it'd be a good way to meet people. Anyhow, ta for now, here's hoping we both have fun!

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