Quit my job...

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A while back, I was having some problems with my teaching (my lessons weren't interesting enough for the students, but that's not all my fault, because the textbook we were made to use was complete shit - even the students and my colleagues thought so), and my boss called me on a Saturday morning before the beginning of May to tell me I had to work on it, and that there would be people observing me. Well, a month went by, and nobody came to observe my classes, and I received absolutely no feedback whatsoever, effectively keeping me completely in the dark about what was going on. Then, I called up my boss about something unrelated, and only then did she bother to lay it on me that she hadn't found any significant improvement (which I'm convinced was a lie, because she never even came to my classes). Well, I gave my side of the story, including the failure of the school to give me any feedback or do anything to help me out, even when I asked for help or made suggestions, but my boss just wouldn't hear it. Admittedly, I got kind of pissed off and lost my temper (which a lot of the other teachers have done with this woman, mind you), and she then threatened to fire me, even though that isn't grounds for dismissal.

Basically, I've had it with being fucked around by that school and feeling undervalued. I did improve my teaching, but even if I had improved it to become the best ESL teacher on earth, my boss still would not have been satisfied, because I and my colleagues are all of the opinion that she was trying to push me out, and push me she did. I bought a ticket for a train going to Xi'an (where I am now) at 4:50 AM and disappeared under cover of night. In a couple of hours, I'll be leaving for Guilin, where I'm staying with a friend until August, when I will return to the US.

In other news, I'm getting back together with my boyfriend from Lianyungang, and with my mom's help (she's a professor, and can maybe pull a few strings), I'm going to try and get him into the US for graduate school.

Anyway, that's my long overdue update.