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I really need some help with a situation I've been having and all of the help that you guys could give me now would be greatly appreciated. I'm a 16/F/Ky and I'm going through a really weird time right now. I just had some really crazy stuff go on in the past couple of days, and I need some friendly advice. o.o; I've got a crazy family. I've got a Mom, who is narsasitic and crazy person..x.X;; She and I are constantly arguing, and in December I moved in with my Dad cause I couldn't take it after sixteen years of living with her.. In January, my cousion Eric Ray was murdered along with his best friend, and as of reciently I've been trying to rebuild a lost relationship with my Aunt, Eric's Mom, Kathy. I've also had my share of Step-Parents in my life, a Step-Dad named Gary who used to be around when I was little and was around for about ten or eleven years of my life. As of reciently he and I have started talking again, and it's just been really weird... Also, my newest step-parent, Andrea, who's my Dad's girlfriend, is deciding that she is going to move out, and leave my Dad and I and go to Michigan. This is all a WHOLE lot of stuff and I know it's crazy but I'm in need of some advice on how to handle it. I've been considering lately a lot of different things, and actually even had the nerve to think about suicide again (and the thought scares me). I don't want to sink to that level again, but I'm petrified on what else to do. My Grandparents, who are also heavy alcoholics have been trying to get in contact with me as of lately, and my Grandfather is apparently getting close to the verge of dying, because of over-amounts of alcohol. I swear, the man is a living breathing bar. x.x;; Anyways. There's just been a lot of stuff going on. I've also been having problems with my love life as of reciently, and it's just been crazy. Anything guys? I really could use some help.
Thanks a million.

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Hmm and I was just complaining about my life being boring whereas yours is a little too non-boring. That is a lot of stuff to be able to handle at once. Unfortunately, I'm not sure what to say other than I hope you don't attempt suicide. I hope there's someone in your life that you can talk to.

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I know for obvious reassons I'm not the first person you'd wanna talk to about this stuff but I still do care about you enough to listen to you.Remember you once helped me a great deal also.

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hang in there you are young and things will come round....

Im no one to give advice for i have never really suffered but jusy think you have years left to live and who knows what good things await for you ....IM me if you need someone to chat kiebem81

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You've got a lot of stressful things going on (like you need me to remind you), and that can make the slightest thing set you off and feel entirely depressed about everything. I had all sorts of problems with my younger brother and sister getting into drugs, sex, alcohol, etc... this year, (they're 13 and 15) and that upset me like crazy, and in addition to having problems with my parents and feeling trapped in my own mind, I've had my times of feeling entirely hopeless and thinking about suicide. Don't do it. Please don't do it. Really, it's bad enough to fight with myself about it, and I think I'm getting to a point where I can be more stable. When I was in the gay pride parade last weekend one person had a sign that said "no more gay teen suicides" and when I was feeling really depressed day before yesterday I thought of that and I thought: my killing myself would be a triumph to all of those allholes in my state and elsewhere, and all of those Fred Phelps and crew who think that gay people deserve to die. If nothing else that is a reason to keep living, and you probably know as well as I do that for all the time when you're not feeling deprssed, living makes perfect sense and there are lots of reasons to be alive, and killing yourself sounds stupid.

Thinking about suicide is a scary scary thing. You said it, and I know exactly what you're talking about, because believe me, I have journal entries where I talk about "I'm scaring myself... I'm scaring myself." And that is not good. My suggestion is to talk to someone. I'm not particularly good about doing that, but I'm trying to improve. I have a friend who's on and off depressed like I am and she's been vital to atleast have someone to tell about feeling bad. I'd really reccomend talking to someone you trust if you can. If you don't feel comfortable talking to someone about suicidal thoughts (I have my reservations for sure), then do what I did the other night, it was extremely helpful in preventing a situation where I stayed home and cried for whatever reason: I started feeling depressed and called up my cousin and went over to her house and I didn't feel like I had anything to talk about so she played me music and talke dfor me, later I called a friend because I still didn't feel ready to be alone and after my friend talked and talked I ended up feeling normal again and went home and was fine. So talking to someone / being around people can get you out of your head and make you remember that you want to live and that suicide is ridiculous. If you want to talk about it e-mail me neonrai at because really Claire, no one should have to feel like they are alone, and if I can do anything - be a sounding board, someone to write to, offer you any suggestions, or just listen - please let me do that for you, because depression is a serious matter, I know you know, and it IS scary to feel depressed or think about suicide and it is scary to me too.

So to deal with your situations I say talk to people about them, maybe you can only talk about certain parts to certain people, but so long as you are actually talking about what's going on and what's troubling you inside of your head, then that will get you to a much better, more stable place. And you can definately e-mail me.


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two words: GET HELP

sorry if you find it hard to accept this, but you need it. big-time. i know some of the things you're going through, i'm there right now, so if you wanna message me to vent or something, i won't be all "blablabla here's a lecture feel better now." just get help. even calling a helpline or talking to your doctor about getting counseling would be good. or talking to a friend. friends can be your best lifelines. i know, cuz i had a friend save my life a few months ago from the same thing. so please, get help, cuz without some sort of support, it'll just get worse (at least, that's my experience).

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Seek Professional Help.

Please, please speak to a counselor or a psychologist of some kind. Call a hotline. Do something! Just get these feelings out in a healthy way and you'll feel much better about life. Things will, of course, will naturally take some given time to improve, but the goal is to realize that you are not alone and that there are other people struggling with life and have gone through far worse.

When it seems like the end, it is only the beginning. Life is hard and it's getting through those tough times that truly tests our character. Just breathe, close your eyes and tell yourself that you'll get through this. Life goes on. You may not be living in paradise now, but when you are older and on your own, you'll have the opportunity to make your own.

Believe me, it gets better. It always does, no matter how bad it may seem to be getting.

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hang in there

hey, hang in there for as long as you possibly can, life's tough and we all go through bad times. thinking about suicide is something a lot of people do, but it's bad. i have been there. if you need help maybe you should talk to a counselor. i know to some people it sounds like a stupid idea and really shrinky, but talking to someone, like a counselor who you are comfortable with can really help. i was on the verge of losing my life when i met a wonderful woman therapist, i have been seeing her for two years now, and i went from being a manic depressed suicidal self mutilating insecure gay teenager to a healthy happy friendly okay person. now i am glad i chose to see her for as long as i did. learn my coping skills and even take some anger management, even if thats not what you need. im just trying to say, if you need help get ideas from folks here then seek out others in your community and get things straightened out. i wish you good luck and hope for the best. try to focus on the positives, even if there arent that many, they can help you get through the dark times.
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