.... SOPHIE...*sighs*

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SOPHIE---the girl who left me in the shitter...my first huge crush the one who made me melt....so shes been gone for about 3 months now and still has an effect on me ....*sighs* i met her through work an i would have given my right arm for her to be happy which i realize now.....anyways so i havent thought about her for a while now.....which is good its progress right?? well today i took a few steps back and thought lots bout her...and why??? because at work i found her old nametag and the memories just came back and well now im sad and wish i could see her again.....

anyways i cant believe i still somewhat have feelings for her...i really thought i was over her...but hey when she left i really was depresseD ..AND I BARELY CAME TO OASIS because all i ever did was rant or blog about her...which is what im doing now...but this all comes to one final conclusion i guess i really did LOVE this girl for some reason or another....she was special and i still cant come to grips with myself.....but one thing i know for sure is that THIS FUCKING BLOWS ..the whole feeling that the one you like is gone and what not it really blows.......so enough i have to move on...this i hope is the last time i will EVER MENTION SOPHIE ON THIS SITE....i will try to move on.......but the thing is i dont think my heart wants to.....



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As rude as it sounds..

... You will get over it... at least... moderately. You've still got plenty of life (hopefully) ahead of you, and who knows what those years might bring?

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Same here...

I know just how you feel. I'm in love with this one girl, Alisha, who i can't seem to forget. i moved away from her a year ago and my life felt like it was going downhill. i miss her so much, but i want to move on. but it's like what you said my heart just doesn't want to.

the only thing i can say is someday, you'll get over it. let time take it's course and it'll probably work. plus, if your too fixed on the past, it'll just make you even more depressed. it's for the best really..


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