Your parents' reaction to your coming out:

You got kicked out
0% (0 votes)
They went through the roof and now make you pay rent
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They weren't happy, but not much has changed
50% (1 vote)
They didn't really care, they're really tolerant
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You haven't told them
50% (1 vote)
Total votes: 2


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How about my mom and step-dad

How about my mom and step-dad flipped when they found out? They probably would have kicked me out if I had lived there and not with my dad.

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I actually have two answers f

I actually have two answers for that. My mom's boyfriend is pretty abusive, so I don't spend a lot of time at home. I spent the past 3 years or so living with my best friend. Who was secretly my lover. Well, she and I decided to come out to her parents. Dumb move. The next day they dropped me off at the end of my street and forbid me from ever speaking to any of them again. So I guess you could say they didn't take it well.

Of course, I had to explain to my mom why I was suddenly living under her roof again and not even so much as talking to my best friend of 8 years. And she was perfectly fine with it. I told my dad a couple of months later, and he was totally supportive. So I got both extremes.

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i feel lucky

i cant emember when i told my parents cuz ... its not a big deal in my house. its like im gay and my brother likes mustard on his fries. yah i feel pretty lucky; too bad the whole world isnt like that. My aprents have been going to pride parades since before i was born, in support of their friends and the ones they lost to aids. they new i liked girls before i did lol. good luck to u guys, hope your parents realized they were wrong in the end.

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I was lucky too

My Mom guessed (correctly) after years of me not showing the slightest interest in girls or dating. She told my Dad. They took it very well. I think they were expecting it. It's funny that even though I knew they would be accepting, I was still afraid to bring up the topic myself. It must be incredibly difficult for the people with conservative parents. My support and good wishes go out to all of you.

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my parent suck

my mum wen throught the roof and we dont talk as much any more

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my parents were cool with it.

my parents were cool with it. i was living with my mum when she found out (came out in an argument, she back-tracked quickly and apologised for being angry at me about what we were fighting over). she was cool about it, didnt really understand but hey, whatever, she doesnt care.

dad only just found out a couple weeks ago when i took my girlfriend over to meet him :) he was just ace about it. its normality. we dont talk about who we go to bed with anyway, so it doesnt change a thing what i do. ive had no family issues.

my girlfriend family think it to be wrong, but they're the type that care about what other people think of them soo much. you know the kind. toffee, big house, nice cars, go to church (that in itself is not a bad thing, but they go because it makes them look like a proper and good family). they're accepting her more now, but not the relationship yet. the great part iof living out of home is that it doesnt matter what they think, just it hurts a bit. but not being dependant makes the world of difference.

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well my dad just kind of igno

well my dad just kind of ignored me for a while after I told him, but my mom completely flipped out and started swearing at was not good.

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Not really sure =)

My mum sort of denied it and said she didn't want me telling people that, but now she just jokes about it and seems perfectly comfortably. Dad never really noticed however. since it wasn't a formal "coming out". I think they found out by word of mouth :(

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my coming out was kind of wei

my coming out was kind of weird to begin with. My
parents found out after I had a nervous break down and
tried to kill myself (this was a little over 2 years ago).
They were understandably more shocked and upset over the
way that they found out. They are supportive now. My mom is
extremely supportive of gay rights and the like. My dad
doesnt really talk about it, but, his general take is that
there is nothing to talk about ie, as long as I am happy, he
really doesnt care whom im dating.

**I'm willing to find out what impossible means**

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the whole conservative/liberal thing can be misleading

I came out to my dad and then my mom in the course of several hours via a long letter of poetry, rants, and personal letters to them. My conservative dad didn't care at all and was very supportive of me. My supposedly liberal mother freaked out at me about "labling" myself, later forced me to see a counselor while refusing to go herself, and eventually we didn't talk for about a year or a year and a half. I talk with her now about things like "have a nice day at work" and "we need more milk," but basically our relationship is entirely impersonal (it was never very personal to begin wth), and I don't even think she knows I'm gay anymore. My mom's reaction was entirely personal though, she didn't threaten to kick me out or anything, so in that respect I've been fortunate with both parents.

But moral of this story is that preconceptions can definately be misleading!

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parents can really surpise you when u least expect it.

when I was reading your story or thought I
recieve a very good vibe about how parents
can surprise. When you decided to come out 2
both of your parents. I came out to my mom
while she was washing dishes. But now she is
coming around to the fact that this is my
life and I know what makes me happy. I
believe that your mother will come around
just give her time. I mom was really mean to
me about it when I finally came out to her.