all of the sudden guys hit on me

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so in this last couple days or so i have been hit on while purchasing items in random stores..see i really havent had this happen before but its as if all the sudden im giving off woman vibes...

and i have to say the funniest thing is when a guy asks me why i dont have a bf im not even a little of course i blush furiousy and giggle...and of course the guy just keeps rambling...but one day im gonna have the courage to be like ...well gee i like girls does that explain why i dont have a bf??

for real i dont mind guys hitting on me but its weird cause i didnt get it before...i wonder what it is....maybe there is a sign on my back...HIT ON ME PLEASE....ha ha ha


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Coming Out

I remember when I came out to my dad. It wasnt even like i thought about it or anything. I had just gotten off the phone with my girlfriend who wanted to break up with me. of course my dad and I thought we were just friends. And I had run outside and was crying my heart out. And my dad was cleaning his car or some nonsense and was like: Theres nothing to cry about. And of course I go: "NO, unless the girl your in love with wants to break up with" And he sat me down and helped me sort out the whole thing cause I loved Amanda but was flirting around with this girl should read my posts about Jen. or go to my other site

Anyway, I guess all I wanted to say was: coming out can be a really bad thing, or nothing at all. Its not really an issue with my dad. He has accepted that after 5 years, i know what I am saying. My dad is 70. He was born in 1933 when women were just starting to go to college and homosexuality was a HUGE no no. Women were house wives. Guys were jocks. Females got married, had kids, kept house. They didnt work and they didnt get degrees.

He surprises the shit out of me sometimes. I am really lucky to have him. I guess.

Anyway, i guess I would llove to talk to you. I will probably IM you.

-Orchid aka Norah-

"Love is when you dont know why you like them but when they leave you're crying your heart out. I'm in love"