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I have no reason to go on living,
The only reason I had was you,
But you left me,
All alone in this cage called 'life'.
I want to be free,
I want to join you.
So I take your knife,
I pry it from your fingers,
And press the blade against my wrist.
I pause a moment,
To reflect.
I feel the cold embrace of your blade calling.
I follow the path of my veins,
The crimson of my blood,
Seeps into the white of my dress,
Like the sea against the sand.
I feel the darkness call out,
I hear your sweet voice,
Singing to me.
I lie down in your arms,
And give you one last kiss.
My Sweet Angel.
My Everything.
My reason for existing.
We couldn't be together in life.
I look at your face,
My last sight is you,
As the darkness washes over me,
I am in a pool of our blood.
Our Blood.
I see you,
You hold out your hand,
I take it,
You pull me into your arms,
Your hair shines,
There is no more blood,
You kiss me,
Then look deep into my eyes,
Your eyes are like the night sky,
We are together now.
You open your lips,
The colour of deep roses,
And whisper softly
'I love you'


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omg i luv this poem...its so deep and movin. i read it thrice (sp?? is it a word) and i really like it....these words will run thru my heaad everytime i break up with someone

thx for the great poetry

" i say my hell is the closet i'm stuck inside"
STILL in the closet :-\

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I agree

I agree. Great stuff.

"All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream."