And the Band Played On

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Whee, got back from my now god-daughters baptism in Ohio. It was a hoot, and she was adorable!

Spent most of the weekend reading Randy Shilt's And the Band Played On. It's a great book, I don't think anybody could've dreamed a more convoluted plot than this. People are really stupid. I think a quote from the book itself will probably serve better than another angry rant from me, but I can assure you that each phrase corresponds to chapters worth of petty bickering and politics.

"Later, everybody agreed that the baths should have been closed sooner; they agreed health education should have been more direct and timely. And everybody also agreed blood banks should have tested blood sooner, and that a search for the AIDS virus should have been started sooner, and that scientists should have laid aside their petty intrigues. Everybody subsequently agreed that the news media should have offered better coverage of the epidemic much earlier, and that the federal government should have done much, much more. By the time everybody agreed to all this, however, it was too late.

Instead, People died. Tens of thousands of them." pg 491.

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valid subject

I actually just started reading it yesterday, funny you should bring it up. I'm...well, I guess enjoyed is kind of an odd word (kinda like saying "I really enjoyed Schindler's List"), but it's a really interesting topic. Too bad I already know how it ends.

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Ah, but it doesn't end. I was

Ah, but it doesn't end. I was bored last night and was looking up AIDS stuff, surprisingly, it still doesn't seem like a whole lot of people are really paying attention to this. In my state alone(Michigan), there were 340 new infections last year in the age group of 13-19. That's equal to 2/3rds of my senior graduating class. The 20-24 age bracket had 1,390 new infections. That's scarey.


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the movie version

I haven't been lucky enough to read the book, but I saw the movie and I must say that it is really worth viewing. I don't know if I would say that I liked it, but rather that it hit so close to home that it had an affect on me personally. How could it not with a family member fighting AIDS for as long as I can remember

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that book changed my life. qu

that book changed my life. quite literally actually, lately i've been volunteering at a local group helping out PWAs. and speaking of scary....has anyone else been hearing a lot about "the return of public sex" lately? new york bathhouses being re-oppened? i'm all for the right to fuck who you want where you want, but not if it amounts to murder. just when ADAP is having budget issues, go figure.

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