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bah. Just as i was cougratulating myself on successfully completing one night out with my friends as a lesbian (meaning with statements such as yah kathleen and mollie hooking up to get attention turned me on at first but now its just gross) they go and say this horrible, upcoming statement. Okay so it's a random, normal morning after that aforementioned night of lesbian-like tendencies. We are watching some mind-numbing trash that is called Jerry Springer. It is not my choice of television but i constantly get overuled by the other two in the room. Okay, so there is a particular more than likely fabricated story about a woman who cheated on her fiance(or maybe boyfriend/husband i can't remember) with his sister. that is not the part that angered me. the part that angered me was when one of my friends essentially said that since it was a lesbian relationship it did not count as much compared to if she were cheating on her significant other with hmm say a man. BAH! what the hell??? what difference does it make what gender the person is that you love. does the fact that it is a homosexual relationship lower its value somehow?? BAH!! people anger me.