boy meets boy

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there are a lot of things called boy meets boy - comic strip, book, crappy tv show notworthyofalink. . .

i just finished the book, and gee does the amazon reader sum it up well when they offer the review that "This book is very offensive and misleading. The Sodomite life style is not fun and games. It is destructive, and it is a lie to portray it as normal and fun. What a travestiy to encourage our teens to enter into this life style."

um, i mean, no. great job though, christian coalition, and seeing yourself in some of the characters! i'm glad you caught that reference. i'm glad you're spending your time on reviews rather than, say, trying to amend the constitution.

this particular boy meets boy was sweetness, almost on the level of zanna, don't!. the high school had the tolerance level of my college, but even the trans kids were accepted. it reminds me of how harry potter makes me wistful for a world where the queer characters (or the wizards) are that accepted. that's a different rant, though.

boy meets boy is precious, and makes me glad (though sad for the christian coalition) that it's kidlit. it makes me hope that more kids in that age group will actually have the time and carelessness to read that kind of material, rather than the safe schools coalition's reports on anti-gay harassment in schools, like i was in high school.

the story is a shiny gem of boy meeting boy, surprisingly enough, and the necessary obstacles to stumble over on the path of them falling into each other's arms. it's a typical romantic comedy, fluff at best, and that's perfect.