Carpe-if i were god this world would be much better....

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thank you for your realy does help...i got one of the few laughs of my day from your comment "YOU ARE GOD"
actually it still makes me giggle whn i read it thanks babe..

but yeah ive been dealing with my rents for at least 5 months now...and well its getting closer to the point where im just like BLAHHH shut the f*ck up and please go away...and i totally understand the crying thing...i totally dont cry but its like ive been holding in all these feelings for so long that the slightest thing pushes me over the edge and i tear up ....its sad and pathetic...after i wrote my earlier post me and my mom fought again whats worse i had to go to work so on top of being late i was in a real shitty mood.....*GRRR*. she made me so angry i ripped her flowers out of the ground on my way to my car....i know its a childish thing to do but at the moment i couldnt resist....*hangs head in shame*
at the moment it was the only way to vent out som of my frustration....poor yea.....


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ah yes...yes it would

Haha giggle...great word. I don't remember the last time I actually giggled, hey, you're online...random yes I know.

Yeah, I'm well past that point. I used to be like that, where I wouldn't cry. But I eventually couldn't take it anymore and I just let the flood gates open, now I can't stop, blast! I actually just got done fighting with my parents, both of them! YAY! Yeah, my parents do that a lot. I walk or bike to work so they love to put me in a bad mood, 20 minutes to sit and steam as I walk down the side of the highway...oh yes, graet fun I tell you. Hey, if you take revenge on the flowers, it's better than hitting your mom. I took my revenge out on a picture and threw it against the wall...then threw it away because of all the broken glass...meh!