coming out?

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so about a year ago i came out to my best friend who was totally cool with it. then on my 14th birthday i told all my friends and of course they were cool with it. i wasnt expecting everyone to be so supportive and when they were it was a big weight lifted off my shoulders. so about 3 months later i got the courage to tell my crush that i liked her. all my friends had been telling me it would be okay and that she would understand, thats not how it played out. it turned out she almost hated me for it. i was so scared when i found out she was so angry because our families had been friends for so long that if she told her parents it would spread around her family and eventually to mine. to this day im still paranoid but because of my friends i also feel somewhat protected. i still dont know how im going to tell my parents. my dads gay but my mom hates him for it and if i told her she would kill me. i guess its all in a matter of time.


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good luck

i say good luck to you.
i hope for your sake that your mother doesnt freak out
i was lucky to be blessed with an understanding mother
she isnt very supportive
but she understands i guess
stay strong
poetry tiff