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Yes, a club sounds good. What should we call ourselves?

Cheerios with honey on top is good. Mmmm.

I'm getting a little better at DDR (Dance Dance Revolution), but I still have to play on beginner mode!! Grrr it's so frustrating. I wish I could play on at least Light mode. Anyways...I'm getting my paycheck next week. I'm going to completely blow it already...I owe mom 13 dollars for a CD I wanted, and I'm going to buy KR (Karaoke Revolution).

If anyone has any tips for DDR, please share them, I'm desperate!


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A tip

Practice!!!! It's best to have your own DDR game and pad at home. That's the only way I got kinda good. My sister brought the game home, and I got addicted! I'm out of practice now, though.

My sister has two friends who are just insanely good at that game. One of them can beat Max 300 on Heavy-- and get AA! The Paranoia dances aren't a problem for them... They're scary good!

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it's often said,

There are three difficulty levels in ddr.... easy, medium and AZN

Anyway, i will get myself a set of mats next month or so. weee

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Give me a bit

Give me a bit to think of a name. Not that I'm saying only I can think of a name...

"All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream."