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Tears welled in her eyes, about to overflow like clouds taking in the last bit of evaporation possible before dumping raindrops upon the world below. She hardly noticed as streams flowed silently down her cheeks, lingering on her quivering chin for a moment, then dropping to form small dark spots on her jeans. Her insides knotted themselves together, pulling at her heart and forcing it to drop. The vile taste of digestive acids soured her mouth and she rushed to the bathroom. She dropped to her knees at the toilet. Looked at her tearful reflection in the water.
Hearing footsteps, she kicked the door shut behind her. The footsteps drew nearer, then a knock came from the opposite side of the door.


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Hey, hey!

More more! More story! I like ... Don't stop!

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"All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream."