Fate? Destiny? Or is life just f*cked up?

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Hello Oasis--

Nothing much has happened with me as usual…BAH….

Wait but I do know that today was her last day at work…which I didn’t know until I got to work and well yea…so now im like blah life sucks and I hate it and nothing ever ever works out for me funny cause a few days ago there were signs everywhere that reminded me of her I saw her name in numerous places where I was like-- what why is it that your name is here?

but heres thw weird part i was originally scheduled to work at a time that i would not have seen her so tech i wouldhave been like shes gone!!@#!!@ so yeah i ended up coming in early and finding out and then being like i would hae never have seen her ....BOO HOO!!!!but its still a fucked up situation nontheless...

..Is this some type of sick joke destiny fate or life is playing on my sorry ass or what!!!!!!

….I mean I know I didn’t have the guts to act on my feelings but im afraid and maybe if I had a little more time I would have finally gotten the courage to actually do something or someone hahah jk yea im corny…..

Anyways so I thought I should document my current mood and status which is grumpy and self loathsome…GAH…why because I have no balls not that I want any but in terms of courage and what not…I need some…where can I buy them? Im like the lion from wizard of oz…a lion but no courage…funny im a Leo too…is that another sign?…most likely yes I should go buy some courage too bad im mad poor…

I have also decided I need to move on…but now the young girl at work seems to be flirting more than usual or acting rather odd…odd as in flaunting her skirts my way and babbling about random things to me after she’s off work…and she used my full name which no one does cause no one knows anyone’s full name at work unless you have found it out through some black market mafia like resources…hmm…? Signs? Who knows…? All I know is she’s extremely cute and young…and babbles to me about everything….and somehow has discovered my full name and remembered it enough to use it in my presence….booo….so confusing….anyway tomorrow I will see her again and be able to overanalyze the situation once again..maybe I should just say hey want to make out?