Gay Marriage - how do they tell?

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I was reading Ashley05's journal topic, "thanks bush! you fucker" and got to thinking, how can they tell who's a "man" or a "woman" anymore to make sure that marriage is between a "man" and a "woman"? Where do transsexuals fit in? Do they have to identify themselves beforehand to be discriminated against? Do they go by names or appearance? What if you tell them your parents were "ahead of the times" in the name game and you're feeling untraditional in your wedding? I haven't tried to get married yet myself, so I don't know how they decide this sort of thing. Maybe it's some sort of honor system.

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Don't they have sex on those form. I'd assume that's the only way they would know.
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I don't know what they do, bu

I don't know what they do, but restricting it by gender seems like restricting it by a mere technicality to me. I mean, gender may be thought of however you define yourself or however someone might define you, but what's really at heart in marriage seems to be the sexuality of the couple, and sexuality is not as simple and straightforward.

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From some forms I found onlin

From some forms I found online, it looks like they have a section that says male/bridegroom/groom and another labelled female/bride. I wonder if there might be some way that someone could redefine the labels to make them fit, or somehow just wear it or define it in terms of the other term - like bride: the person marrying the groom. I somehow don't think that would work, since they've probably already defined them.

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It's all over the place. Some marriages have been upheld, others haven't. Nothing seems definite from what I've seen.

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don't you have to present a b

don't you have to present a birth certificate or something?

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what about those situations w

what about those situations where a kid isn't born with a sex and the doctors call it a boy or a girl? if the kid doesn't like that, can they change it and still marry how they want?

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Maybe they should just put

Maybe they should just put "spouse" and "other spouse" on the forms. Or have different terms for you to choose from.