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I was just looking for avatars, and I came across this forum topic...God, this pissed me off SO much! I highly advise you NOT to read this, but I just felt I needed to post the link to get it off my back. Don't ask why, I have strange ways of getting things off my mind. But, the replies to it defending us make me very happy. :)
Anyway, here is the link...

Once again, I highly advice you NOT to read it. But do what you like. And I'm sorry if I end up upsetting anyone by posting the link. I really truly am. I just really needed to get rid of's kind of like, in a way, if I post it or talk about it or something I'll get it off my mind.


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Ooooooooh that pissed me off. Really pissed me off. I see why you were mad. Bah. Where do they get the idea that it's a choice?

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AnD ThEy LiKe It

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hey i def agree...what the pe

hey i def agree...what the person said about gay pride and comparnig it to being born without a leg was really uncalled for. i was so pissed. but then i was very proud of those who verbally attacked him for his stupidity!!

" i say my hell is the closet i'm stuck inside"
STILL in the closet :-\