how do u label urself?

27% (17 votes)
21% (13 votes)
21% (13 votes)
3% (2 votes)
2% (1 vote)
6% (4 votes)
no label
19% (12 votes)
Total votes: 62


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I am a femme genderbending ba

I am a femme genderbending baby dyke, or occasionnally a pansexual girlfag, depending on what kind of a day i'm having. Either way, i am 100% queer, thank you very much.

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Choosing a lable causes too m

Choosing a lable causes too much stress. So i choose to remain with out a lable. I suppose I am mostly lesbian, but I don't want to rule out the possibiliy of men. It is simply easier for me to say I have no lable.

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Labels are badong

People refer to being gay as "what you are"

I do not.

Being gay is just part of who I am. NOT what I am.

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um. . .

transness isn't a sexuality, actually. . . not in the way that lesbianism, gayness, bisexuality, etc, are about who you are attracted to. transness is self-contained, for the most, what gender you identify with, and can theoretically be completely irrelated to how people are sexual.

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thank you

thank you, i am ashamed to say that i actually had no idea, so ty. im sorry if i offended anyone by putting that in, i just didnt want to offend anyone by leaving it out. im sorry. will someone plz make another poll, im embaressed now. im sorry.

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meh doesn't matter to me

If people ask, I guess I usually say gay, or queer. For some reason the word lesbian doesn't sound right comming out of my mouth...either way, I don't tend to label myself, I'm just me..