I'm boring, aren't I?

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I am so thankful for my Mom! I feel really lucky that she's so open-minded. She accepts my sexuality, and that relieves me so much. She really does feel bad for all the teens who aren't accepted in their families; I can tell it's true when she says it. And it all just makes me really proud that she's my Mom, and that I'm her daughter.

We were playing volleyball yesterday during summer school, and everyone just jumped in front of me and hit the ball, assuming I wasn't going to do anything. Grr. My reflexes aren't that good when it comes to volleyball. I love the game, but I'm really not that good at it. But it does suck being outside for two hours, moving around non-stop. We get ten minutes for a water break and to do whatever, but we play about 4 or 5 games (to 30 points). But, we did get to just stand around for half an hour....the teacher had to set up the net, then the boundary line thingy was really tangled up and that took forever to untangle. I can't wait until we go to the next unit..hopefully we'll do croquet next. Or archery.

I'm boring, aren't I?


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yes you are

you just had to hear it, don't you, lol.

honestly, u aren't boring. volleyball sounds fun. i've been itching to play beach volley myself but no one seems to ever want to play with me, sigh

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That is awesome that your Mum accepts it. Archery, ha I remember trying to play that my freshman year of high school. Ha ha ha .

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