Lier Lier Pants on Fire

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Remember that "long term break" I mentioned?

It wasn't so long term.

He thought about it all weekend and had been thinking about it all year and decided that he was ready to start dating. He said that a girl hasnt made him smile like I have. So I am sorry gals...


It's like a light switch: On, OFF, On, OFF, On...

2 minutes after I said yes and explained that he should feel lucky because there is atleast 16 other people who want me, my ex girlfriend, stoned off her ass, IMs me and says; I was juss thinkin', about you being single and how I wanted you back. Could we go out again?

And I was like: Amy, you have impecable timing. But even if I WAS single, i wouldn't say YES.

Thats a long story. Maybe that story can come...another day??