Love Triangles?

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Has anyone gotten themselves stuck in a situation where you get invovled with one person, you think they dont reciprocate, so you move on to another who you think is just a fling, you do something serious with them, they act like its nothing, so you go to soemeone who is showing you some sort of attention, and get yourself tied down into a relationship. You tell the first person about the second and the third about the second. The second has no idea anyone knows anything, the first expresses that they were gunna say the big THREE WORDS (I love you) to you tonight, and the third has no idea the first has expressed any interest because you told them there was none coming from that side?

If you dont understand, read my post!:

"Letters, Heterosexual Sex, New Relationships, and Huge Mistakes. HELP! PLEASE READ THIS!"

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well... didn't actually hapen to me but people are saying that i did that and now my girlfriend hates me