Man's Crime Against the Sacred Femenine

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From a place, deep within Earth's bosom,
the liquid bubbles upward.
The silvery waters of fecundity...
O, they have been wasted.

Man has raped her of her crystal,
and now we pay the price.

O, Mother! How we have wronged thee.


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That sounds like heh... ejaculation... but also of oil. Nice job, if that was your intention.

  • Of course that's a bottle of KY Jelly in my back pocket... Why do you ask?
  • I know my glasses are twisted, but so is your pant leg...
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What a creative subject!

Actually, the 'waters of fecundity' represent all of mother nature's resources, not just oil.

No, it was not meant to be ejaculation. Mother earth, as the great symbol of WOMAN, has no penis, no testicles and therefore cannot ejaculate. -.-'

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this poem is awesome. i conne

this poem is awesome. i connected with it on a personal level;. thanks for posting it. so inspiring.
it is a great way to express.
=poetry tiff=