My Heart Aches....

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Hmmm...Well, I e-mailed Ian. I got all excited because he emailed me while he was playing FF this morning. I told him how I feel. How much I regretted what I did a couple of months ago. It'll probably be another few days before I hear back from him; his dad grounded him from the computer for some reason I don't know. I hope I hear from him again today, though. I'm going crazy...

Something's going on with Grandma, I'm not sure what yet. Andrea (Mom's sister) called Mom and they've been on the phone for hours. They're talking about the cats and Andrea's dogs, now, and laughing. o.O

I'm so happy!! I found my Jewel cd! (Spirit. I HATE her latest CD, she's trying to be like Britney Spears or something...I've lost a lot of respect for her. :( Oh well..) It might be Mom's copy, but I took it anyway, she doesn't seem to mind...hehe. I'll give it back...eventually... ;)

Mom's going to help me save up for a computer. When I put $80 in she's going to add 40. I should have enough by the end of the summer. (Have I already posted about this?)

Maybe I'll play DDR. We need to buy a second mat so we can play 2 player!!