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Haven't gotten comments from anyone lately. :(

I bought FF 10-2 today. And the really nice official strategy guide. I came home and played for four hours straight. Talk about brain rot... I feel groggy now, for some reason. So...there goes my whole first paycheck, and some of my next one. Ah, the joy of being a teenager.


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Sorry that I don't comment. . . I never have anything to say :(. Lol, just playin but yeah. Hope you're having fun with your game.

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i have a copy of x-2 i havent touched yet.

I am still going to play ix first.

Currently playing SSX3, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Jak and Daxter 2, Megaman X4, Chrono Trigger and Sonic Heroes.

I seriously need to put some time into finishing games, and not crack open any new ones before I am done.

Although I wouldnt mind getting a gamecube soon. </addict>

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Must start that game...

My sister and I share the PS2, and my parents bought my sister FFX-2 (a while ago) as a gift for some reason. I haven't gotten around to playing it yet, despite that fact that I love FFX and the game looks amazing. I couldn't find time earlier in the Summer, and now I'm working full-time... And school starts in September...

I'll get around to it, eventually... hopefully...