Not boring, but weird?

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Tic-tacs taste good, but they can be really when the dentist tells you that you have to use them!!! I suck my fingers, yes it's pathetic I know...I'm 14 and I still do it...not my thumb, my middle finger and ring finger of my right hand. But I'm in the process of getting out of the habit. And now, since my teeth stick out a little bit (not much, they're not buck...I'd die if they were), my tongue goes up between my teeth whenever I swallow. I'm guessing because it's between my teeth, under my fingers, when I suck on them. So when I swallow my tongue pushes on my teeth and it's causing them to get gaps between them. Soo the dentist told me to get sugar free tic-tacs and push one against the back of my top teeth so that it will stop my tongue from pushing on my teeth when I swallow. Sounds weird, right? It's REALLY annoying at times, too. Because I'm so used to having my tongue farther towards the front of my mouth. I have to get used to having it back farther and it's really hard.
One of my older sisters (Katie) knows I'm bi. She's fine with it, she thinks it's cool. But I still feel kind of weird even just thinking about saying a girl is hott to her/in front of her. I don't know why, and I really want to get over it, but I'm not sure exactly how to do it. Just say I think a girl is hott, I guess. Some things are so awkward!!!
And thank you for not thinking I'm boring. ;) And hopefully you don't think I'm really weird now that I've mentioned that I suck my fingers....


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hey! just wanted 2 let ya kno

hey! just wanted 2 let ya know i've been there (about the girls are hot, not the tic tacs lol). i used to be terrified of how people would react and feel really wierd, even if i was already out to them....truthfully, i just kind of force myself to do it, and i'm getting better. it's hard though, so hang in there!

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