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Alright. So I've gone and cleaned everything up with the Max and Jen thing.

New subject: Aylen. God do I love that boy. Hes really sweet and geniuine. He's trying to come and see me in September and I am so fucking excited.

The issue: I met him online.

This isnt the first time I have had a long distance relationship with someone I met online. My last was Tim from Ohio. That lasted 2.5 years on and off. Tim is a goth, nothing wrong with that, except he wasnt exactly the sort of kid you would want your parents to meet. Yes, I loved him alot. I have an entire chronicle of my diary entries of our relationship. We had a soulful connection, and we never met up.

You meet up with someone and they ask whats going on, and your all excited over this someone, and your like: oh i have a new girlfriend/boyfreind and you tell them all about it and they go: thats great Where did you meet


And that stupid look creeps on their face.

Pfff, how could you ever "love" someone from ONLINE?

I was able to deal with it when I was going with Tim. But Aylen...hes a good kid. I dont want to ever have reason to doubt our relationship or act like I am embarressed I am going with him.

I guess I just want him to meet my parents and my friends and for things to go really well and for me to really love him and for nothing to matter cause we love each other and noone has a problem. I want to have a real, touchy, relationship.

I dunno. I just want to be happy.
Any comments?


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hope . . .

i hope you find happiness... i looked for it for the longest time and you know what i still havent found it. not really, but its still there somewhere. waiting. and i guess i dont have a firrm grip but maybe you can grab onto it more easily. i wish you luck.
good luck with Aylen(is that how you spell it)

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I myself also have journal en

I myself also have journal entries all about a boyfriend I had online. He and I dated for about 3-4 years, on and off quite a bit. I don't know about you, but I feel silly when I look back at my journal entries and read about my feelings for this guy. But then again, he also treated me like shit and I believed a lot of bull. :) Anyways, I hope that everything works out for you two!! And sorry for telling my whole story. Haha. ;)

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