Opinions, anyone?

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I hate labeling myself. I really truly hate it. Because it's not necessary. I am who I am, whether I'm labeled or not. And yet I still struggle with it. I can talk to my Mom about it, and vent and stuff but I can't seem to work it out. I basically think of myself as gay. I love girls...their bodies, their personalities, their hair, their everything. The way they look in jeans and t-shirts. I'm physically attracted to them so much more than guys. I'm not crazy about the male body. Sometimes I think it's kind of gross, even though it's really not. I don't like all the muscle and stuff. And I don't like how it is, well, down there. But sometimes I'll still go ga-ga over them sometimes. The thing it's only really over how hott they are - their faces, I mean. There have only been one or two guys I could really see myself with. But I'm not really physically attracted to them...only a little bit, if I even am at all. I guess I'm kind of looking for someone else's opinion on this: do you think I'm considered a lesbian from what I've said? Or bisexual? Like I said, I hate labels and I can't figure out why I'm struggling with this. Or why I care at all. Gah, I'm so confused!


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...seem to be predominant in our society. Whoopee for us. They're confining and aggravating to be sure, but I just say be yourself. Whenever you figure out what that is, I mean. Or make your own labels. Whatever works.

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Labels never fit right....

Labels never seem to fit quite right - one reason I don't tend to wear designer clothing (cost may be the larger reason, however). In one book or website I read once, it seemed to indicate that there are gay people who (even after discovering they're gay) still "look" at the opposite sex. How they can call themselves "fully gay" in spite of that, I'm not sure, but if you think of yourself as more gay than straight and are more interested in the same sex than the opposite, then you could probably take the label, despite the incomplete fit.

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I'm with you...I'm not a fan of labels. I don't really understand why people think it's absolutely necessary to put a label on every aspect of a person's life. Me...I'd consider myself a lesbian. Like you I like girls...everything about them. Guys...not so much :-P I dated a guy for a year one time, before I came out, and got absolutely nothing out of the experience beyond awkwardness with the guy afterwards. However, I'm still hesitant to label myself. I always think...What if? I don't have a particular hard time seeing myself "settle down" with a guy...I'm just not attracted to them. I'm so much more connected to women in every way.

The way I see it, whatever I am, I'm me, and that's all that matters.


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