Phone Numbers

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I missed the bus after school today. Amanda's mom gave me a ride home. Just before I got out of the car, Amanda asked me for my number. I gave her my home number and my cell number. She gave me her number the other day. She knows I like girls. She and I get along really well. Hmmmm. *smacks forehead* Not thinking these things....I'm not thinking these things!!!


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Sounds Familiar

My first girlfreinds name was Amanda...
We started out as innocent friends...although we both knew we were questioning...
then there was innocent 15 year olds sitting in a bath (in bathing suits) chilling
then footsie...then back massages..then kissing...then 9 months....

Who knows....That could be you.

Love is when you dont know why you like them but when they leave you're crying your heart out. I'm in love.