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Hey there Oasis..

well nothing much has happened a few funny/odd events but nothing of true importance.. which is like the story of my life..but anyhow i continue to document the dorkiness of my life...(i love how i can go back and read my old journal entries)

so moving on once again i have to mention her- the girl the woman -omg the first girl i was seriously ready to die for SOPHIE...but the thing is it isnt my fault that im mentioning her...its a picture..that i forgot i had taken when he went hiking..so yeah my mom apparently got this film developed left the pics in my room...and so i went to look at them and there she was...and all of it flooded back the butterflies the warmth in my body when she spoke ridiculous things.like we should get married and she wants to make out with anglina jolie.....and the feeling of utter happiness when she was right behind me so close that i could feel her warmth...*shutters and sighs at the thought*..so yea i stared at the picture for um yea a long time....and i dont know if im happy i have the picture or sad because im happy i have something so i can never forget her..but its also a picture that reminds of the pain and withdrawal i went through and still live through when she left....its a bittersweet picture and it has caused a stir....

it has made me realize how much i long to find someone that will make me feel what i felt for her....which i realized might have been...oh my god ..no lets not go there....


*looks at picture*

*ceases to type on this subject matter due to emotional overload*