Psychic Croissants in... Taking One For The Team!

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I stumbled into the kitchen this morning feeling particularly peckish. Scrambled eggs and cottage
cheese! With hot sauce! As usual! I was reaching under the counter for the scrambler pan when I
heard a muffled throat clearing. Slight, yet haughty. Polite, yet arrogant. I rolled my eyes and
turned around. Sure enough. White bag of croissants. Rustling.

"What, man?" I asked, exasperated. "I told Mom I didn't want croissants! You're not for me, you're
for Ray. And she's still sleeping. So keep playing word games or whatever." And I turned back to the
stove. But it's never that easy.

"Um...?" began the bag. "But, why, though? I mean, you know, why?" That damned cherry-filled.

"Because you're huge! You're just a huge, big, giant ball of dough! With.. cherries. And icing.
And anyway, you're Ray's."

The bag tittered. "Actually, Ray's not going to get up for another four and a half hours. And then
she's not going to feel well so she's going to go sit in the steam room at the gym." That fucking
cream cheese-filled. "She'll give two old women a sinus infection. One of them will have to take
Ciprofloxacin. "

"Guys, no. Stop it. I'm having eggs."

"You're out of eggs."

Shit. No point in even looking, then; cream cheese-filled is never ever wrong.

I look at the bag. The bag looks at me.

"I have an icing heart on me this time!" sings cherry-filled, rocking back and forth. And what am
I supposed to do then?

"You're going to eat us both," reports cream cheese-filled happily. "And then later, you'll be
brushing crumbs off of your shirt and you'll get a big croissant flake up your nose. You'll smell
croissants for like three hours." And then they both burst out laughing like little schoolgirl

Psychic croissants: always right, but a sense of humor like a bag of rocks.


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Clever! Lol, it made me laugh.

"Man it takes a silly girl
to lie about the dreams she has.
But lord, it takes a lonely one to wish
that she had never dreamt at all."

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It's not fair

Why is it that food, beds and other items talk to everyone but me? OmG I fell so left out :(

*One day stupid ppl will rule and I shall be your leader*

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Try plants. Talk to them, and eventually they start talking back.

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*laughs out loud* That's i

*laughs out loud*

That's intense!!!!