Thank You

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Gah! KR (Karaoke Revolution) is like $50. The first one anyway. Volume 2 is about 40. This SUCKS. I'm not going to have enough money for a computer AND this game. But Mom is helping me out with the computer...and the prices may go down on them soon. I'm desperate for this game, so I'll probably just buy and then see what happens with the computer.

I've layed in bed for an hour and I can't fall asleep. I have to get up early in the morning. Grrr.

Just want to say thank you to everyone who has commented on my entries, given my advice, ect. It really does help. This site is like a second home to me, I really feel comfortable and accepted. So thanks everyone!!

Ian hasn't emailed me back. *sigh* ;-(


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i know about the lying awake thing

All too well..

since most of my work is in canada these days, i tend to be awake till like 2 am , then i need to get some sleep .. sometimes just cant.

what's worse is. i have developed an annoying habit to wake up at the crack of dawn too.

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