The end and the beginning. The whole story.

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This is the whole story. The first part is what i have previously posted....but the econd and third part are new. I hope u like it.

The heat that rose from our bodies as we sat at either end of the lounge watching a movie caused a beautiful warmth in the room that made it feel so safe in comparison to the cold and windy weather outside. We sat watching the characters on the screen going about their daily business. Then all of a sudden with no warning some thunder erupted furiously outside and in a startled haste I jumped up and moved closer to my friend, wrapping my arms around her for security. We stayed like this, with her in my arms as the film continued.

At the end of it, while the credits rolled up the screen I looked over at my friend. The profile of her face was slightly illuminated by the glow of the tv, her eyes watching the screen intently as though searching for something within the sea of names. I slowly and cautiously moved my hand down her arm to her delicate hand, lingering slightly on her arm on the way down. She didn’t move at all. I slowly leant over and exhaled softly on her neck and then felt the affect of this through the goose bumps that had appeared on her arms. I leant a little closer and kissed her on the cheek. I started to pull away in case she didn’t want this to be happening, but before I could, she grabbed me and kissed me. It was the most beautiful thing imaginable. It was what I always imagined out first kiss to be like. I felt warmth spread over every inch of my body as it reacted to her soft lips on mine. I felt like I was glowing. I leant over to kiss her again but before my lips could reach hers she jumped up, pushing me away in the process. She ran up to her room and slammed the door. I felt as though she had just slammed the door in my face. I could hardly breathe. I felt the tears welling up in my eyes. I knew she needed space and so did I, so I got up and ran out the door and into the pouring rain. I ran blindly down the street with tears pouring down my face, nearly unable to breathe. I reached a nearby park and sat down on a swing. I slowly swung back and forth and I found my breath again and tried to rid myself of the tears. My head was overflowing with what had just happened. What had just happened? Truthfully I didn’t know. All I know is that I had been sitting there with my best friend watching a movie. I kissed her on the cheek like we had done a million times before, but this time her reaction was different. It was the one I only ever dreamed of. She kissed me back, more passionately, and on the lips. I then went to return the kiss and she flipped out and ran off. This was my fault. I shouldn’t have kissed her. I shouldn’t have moved closer. I shouldn’t have done anything. Oh, what had I done? How could I have been so stupid? Why did I do it? But then my thoughts turned to her. How would she be feeling right now? She had just been unexpectedly kissed by her best friend. How could I have been so stupid? I knew what I had to do. I had to go back and talk to her about it. Get things sorted out. We have always been close enough to talk about anything. I slowly got up off the swing and started to walk towards her house. My walk became brisk before I broke into a run to get back to her house. Something didn’t feel right.

I sprinted to her house with the rain pouring down so hard it stung as it hit my skin. I pushed my dripping wet hair out of my eyes as I fumbled with her front door handle. I pushed through the door, leaving it open behind me. I looked around and nothing had changed. But she was no where in sight.


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so im sitting at work readin this, and of course i'm one of those sappy people...and i am now typing this comment of pure praise to u as tears roll down my face...not only because ur story is beautiful but because one of my friends sister killed heself because she couldn't live with her sexuality. and she swallowed a bunch of pills one night when my friend and i were having a sleepover. and since she was older she was supposed to be watching over us. but when emily and i wanted ice cream we went to ask her but she didn't respond. (after that nite i lost my appetite for ice cream)

im sorry for writing all of this stuff...but ur story really brought back memories...although not as bloody, her death was one of the turning points in my life.
not many 8 year olds have to call the ambulance to pick up one of her friends sister's dead body.

but thank you for the story!

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STILL in the closet :-\

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it was beautiful. it brought me to tears. i have had some experiences that have been hard to get over. this reminded me of some of them and of the stuff we go through to stay strong. although it can be hard i believe that we should never give up. what gave you the idea to write this. it is inspiring and truly touching. even though it is sad. i would love to read more of your stuff. im going to read your journals if thats okay. do you like to write? i love to write. i write all the time. although im not very good at stories so if you had any advice it would be appreciated. write me sometime.
poetry tiff

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thank you

thank you so much for ur comments. this was hard for me to write and took a while but i got it out and im glad that i can put it some place like this where people can read it. i love getting feedback on it so thank you.

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I LOVE it!!! You're an aweso

I LOVE it!!! You're an awesome writer. What gave you the idea for this story? You should post more stories, although this will remain one of my favorites forever!

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i guess i came up for the main idea of the story about 2 years ago.....i was just starting to come to terms with my sexuality.....i really liked my best friend at the time....and i had all these images going through my head about what would happen if i was ever to kiss her or anythign like that.....the angel at the end is my beautiful girlfriend now....some of the other stuff in the story is a combination of a few things that have happened to me and a few things that have happened to friends of really glad u like it....and tank you once again for ur feedback...its really great!

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that was so great it was like my best freinds brother he couldnt live with his sexuality about 5 years ago he killed himself.sorry im getrting off subject but you should write more stories that was awsome .