The Way I Crush...HELP!

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I have no doubts at all that I like girls. I've fallen in love with one. I love everything about them. But I'm getting confused because of the way I crush on's not like with boys. With boys I'll go really ga-ga. Feel sick, happy, excited, embarassed, all that stuff. But with girls, I just think they're plain hot. I'll want them really bad, and crush on them majorly, but it doesn't feel the same as when I crush on guys. Is this normal? I mean...if it turns out I don't really like girls, I'll be devastated. I really will. But I really believe that I like girls. Just the way that I feel when I'm crushing is confusing me...any comments would be much appreciated!!


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Very interesting.....???.....hmm.....

Wow that is quite a source for confusing emotions..
Its one of those things that i think only you can figure out for yourself know what i mean?

Take Care Babe

"I Love everyone, being left out sucks ...thats for all the people who feel unloved know that if I come to meet you one day id probably love you to death!"

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I think

I think I sort of experience something similar, though maybe the other way around.. or... anyway, for me, the attractions to the two sexes are different also. So, yeah, I guess it must be normal for some people. I guess some people (or maybe most who are somewhere between the sexuality poles) feel the attraction to the sexes in different ways.